2022 Newport Racing NOR


2022 Spring Summer and Fall Racing

Newport Yacht Club

695 Seneca Rd, Rochester NY 14622

May 2022-October 2022



Organizing Authority: Newport Yacht Club


N O T I C E   O F   R A C E

  1.  RACES This Notice of Race covers NYC’s club racing series for the 2022 season, including the Thursday Night, Saturday, and Brown Jug.
  2. RULES Racing shall be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2021 – 2024 including the prescriptions of US Sailing, and PHRF-Lake Ontario, IRC and ORC handicapping systems as modified by the NYC shall apply.
  3. SAILING INSTRUCTIONS The Sailing Instructions and equipment requirements for each class will be posted on the official notice board.
    1. Eligibility Entry in NYC club races is limited to boats owned or chartered by NYC members in good standing. Each boat shall have a member on board to be eligible to compete.
    2. Fees The registered skipper/owner/charterer shall have paid, during their consecutive membership, the applicable NYC boat registration fee and any NYC Class Dues or event Entry Fee which may be in effect.
    3. Crew Eligibility Regular crew members of boats participating in club races shall be members of NYC.
    4. Registration All boats must register using the Entry Form available on the NYC web site by May 31, 2022.
    1. Race Calendar The calendar of races is published on the Members section of the NYC website. Racing begins on Thursday, June 2nd. Start time 6:30pm for all Thursday Races. Saturday races start time 10am either in the bay or lake weather dependent. If the Race Committee plans to run another race, it will fly Code Flag “Second Substitute” (with no sound signal) while boats are finishing. Note that the order of start may be different from the first race.
  6. VENUE The racing area will be Irondequoit Bay north or south of 104 bridge depending on winds or the waters of Lake Ontario off Irondequoit Bay, North / Northwest and North / Northeast.
  7. RISK STATEMENT A boat’s decision to race or to continue to race is theirs alone. By participating in this event each competitor agrees and acknowledges that sailing is a potentially dangerous activity with inherent risks, including the risks of permanent, catastrophic injury or death.
  8. PRIZES Prizes for series and season championships will be awarded at Cups and Flags, Saturday, November 5th, 2022.
  9. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For more information contact:
    1. Race Fleet Captain – Kenny Fourspring
    2. Cruising Fleet Captain – Liam Faudree
    3. Catalina 22 Fleet Captain – Maureen McDonald
    4. Laser Fleet Captain – John Boettcher
    5. Snipe Fleet Captain –