Below is the contact information for the Board of Directors. Below that is an email delineated list you can copy into your email address field and it will populate the email addresses.
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Landy Atkinson Commodore 585-576-0084
Robert O’Brien Vice Commodore 585-730-1303
Tim Bour Rear Commodore 585-671-4951 
Theodore Horvath Treasurer 585-270-8533
Jane Shafer Asst. Treasurer 585-259-1759
Dean Clayton Harbormaster 585-249-9489
Kenny Fourspring Race Chair 585-
David Will Cruising Fleet Captain 585-469-9622
Lynn Bluett Catalina 22 Fleet Capt. 585-266-5384
John Boettcher Laser Fleet Captain 585-671-9639
John Dentinger Snipe Fleet Capt 585-615-8945
Jillian Dart Director at Large 585-315-9600
Bob Henry Director at Large 585-455-5663
Kevin Haller Director at Large 585-230-3292
Jane Shafer Membership 585-259-1759
Jane Shafer Social Media 585-259-1759
Natalie Passino Event Committee Chair 585-944-5320
Jim Miller Capital Planning 585-370-1276
Jane Shafer Capital Planning 585-259-1759
Bill LaBine Capital Planning 585-727-2921
Jillian Dart Finance Committee 585-315-9600
Robert Shanebrook Finance Committee 585-342-8226
Connie Purdum Finance Committee 585-256-7325