Reciprocal Agreement

Newport Yacht Club is a member of the Lake Ontario Cruising Club Association (LOCCA) and welcomes members of reciprocating yacht clubs.

Newport Yacht Club, on the west side of the Irondequoit Bay, just north of the Route 104 Bridge, can accommodate boats from reciprocating clubs in vacant members’ slips, or our guest slip, depending on availability. The first night is free, with the second and third nights being $10 each. Stays are limited to 3 days. Additional days can be accommodated with permission in advance from the Vice Commodore. Visitors are asked to sign the guest log daily. Please note: our docks are limited in size, and are floating. Docks do NOT have power available to them, but water is available. Maximum boat size is 30’, but could be less depending on availability. Please make sure to check in with the Reciprocal coordinator if you are over 28’. Club facilities (kitchen, restrooms) are not open to guests in general. But if there are club members onsite with the clubhouse open, visitors are welcome to use them responsibly, and join us for any activities. But they should not assume those facilities will be available. Wireless Internet access is available at no charge to guests. You may contact the Cruising Fleet Captain and/or the Reciprocating Coordinator at